Welcome To Madness

I am a professional madwoman, maybe not in dress sense completely and my dreadlocs seem a little bit groomed sometimes. But I am still a professional madwoman with all the wandering.

I am the girl who can pack a bag and move to a new strange city on a wimp. I am the one whose soul and feet have lost the meaning of sticking to a place.

So about a year ago. I thought I could make this a serious business. You know, with all the trappings of legality and all the finesse and that is when I learned what it is to fail at something you love.

Kai! E dey sha pain. 

I quit even before I started because my elaborate plans needed money and I did not have that much on me. 

But recently, I have been thinking things. Yels. I have done some traveling within a few months and I know I am an amazing storyteller. So I decided to approach my dream from a different angle. From the angle of telling stories about my numerous wanderings; bus stories, okada rides, trips to new cities, trips to old haunts, trips to eateries, date stories, a pseudo movie review, random wanderings. Why add seriousness to this already beautiful madness?

However, there is an important ingredient in this madness. You!

Yes, I want to involve you in this madness. So come with me, let me bother you with my stories.

Eventually, the full dream will come together. But for now, let us have fun with this.

This is Chinwendu, the professional wanderer, professional madwoman, welcoming you to WakaaboutbyChinwendu, the new face of our wandering ministry. Come with me, let us conquer the world and tell stories, one place at a time.

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