Something Light

I have been away for a while and I have many wakaabout stories to tell, especially from my journeys while I was in Nigeria over the holidays. But I am back to Ghana and final year and ill health will not allow me be great and build this beloved brand. But still we rise. 

I will be blogging about Calabar soon, since in a few days we will be ushering in the Calabar Christmas Festival and Carnival season is already upon us. I saw videos of the dry run and trust me this people are not here to play. Your favourite travel blogger should soon be on ground to give you gist about it.

But for today, let us talk about something light. This one is from my social media wakaabout because sincerely, all wakaabout na wakaabout.

I attended the wedding of Bankole Wellington and Adesua Etomi, on social media of course. And I have learnt some things from #BAAD17. One is about “never saying never”. The other one which I want to talk about is how your skill can make a name for you with proper positioning.

Case study is Ebuka and his “Jacket Agbada”. 

And the person this post concerns is Ugo Monye, Ebuka’s tailor.

You see, Ebuka’s “Jacket Agbada” is not experimental work by Ugo Monye. He showcased it at this year’s Lagos Fashion Design Week as part of his RealeOmega2017 line. You just have to go to his Instagram page to feed your eyes. 

He is a skilled Agbada bender. First of his name. Ruler of the Agbada makers empire.

But, Ebuka has given him greater publicity in Nigeria and even Africa. People who know nothing about the Lagos Fashion Design Week now know about the Ugo Monye brand. Yesterday, I overheard some Ghanaians talking about Ebuka’s Agbada and somehow they started talking about the tailor and checking his social media page.

In that moment, I was like “yass! That is the power of skill + opportunity + positioning”.

All I really have to say is, develop your skill, try out new things, grow. Then seek opportunities, pitch yourself. Your skill can also attract opportunities to you without you actively seeking for them. And when these opportunities come, please, don’t let your village people win in your matter. Slay!

Okay bye. I shall be back soon, with lots of gist. Also, stay glued, there are wakaabout goodies to be given out this Christmas season especially if you are in Calabar or you will be in Calabar for the Carnival. Follow the social media pages: Facebook: Wakaabout Chronicles. Instagram: @wakaaboutchroniclesbychinwendu.

Photo credit: Ebuka’s Instagram page(@ebuka)

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