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Attitudes and Waterfalls



Hey guys, it has been a minute.

I know I promised to spill tea about the city where fun went to die and how to have some fun in it, but before that, let me take a detour and bring you gist about what I have been up to.

I went on two trips this past weekend and my experiences tell a beautiful tale of the difference an individual’s attitude can make while on a trip.

The two trips were school related.

At the beginning of the semester, two of my lecturers decided we were going to do trips to somewhere outside Accra, where my school is located, as part of the student assessment. I was elated because I am quick to grasp any travelling opportunities I get. The first trip involved the entire level 400 communication studies class and the second trip was just for Visual and Digital Communication specialization students.

The both trips happened to be on the same weekend, the first weekend of December.

I left for the first trip in a beautiful bus that was fully air conditioned, had charging ports and WiFi. Oh the beauty of this. The journey was a 3 hours 20 minutes journey from Accra to Breman Asikuma, a town in the Central Region of Ghana. What was the purpose of the trip? For our lecturer it was to fulfill her dreams of reaching out to women and children and campaigning against teenage pregnancy. For us the students, it was basically to earn 40 marks.


An interesting misspelling in Breman Asikuma


All did not go as planned, because the trip proved more stressful than many of the students envisaged. First, we had to traverse the town with fliers inviting people for the program, and then we had to act the drama we had prepared for weeks. By the time we were done, it was 4p.m. As normal humans, hunger had made itself at home in our bellies and we had to kick it all the way out. So some students decided to start eating the food they brought from Accra.


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Images from the drama in Breman Asikuma


All hell broke loose. Our lecturer flew into a rage and began to liken us to animals and threaten to give us poor grades because we were eating. Apparently, there was a communication breech and the appropriate message about when, where and how to eat according to the lecturer’s decisions had not been properly conveyed.

Eventually we left the venue and returned back to Accra. I barely got a feel of the town and this ranks as one of the worst trips I have ever embarked on, simply because of a lecturer who felt she had a monopoly of anger and who felt her anger gave her the license to be so loose tongued.

Saturday’s trip pulled me back from the angry place my soul had found a resting place.

This time, it was so much fun that I did not want to leave.

The trip was to the Chenku waterfalls in Dodowa.

The purpose was to practice outdoor photography with natural light.


When the sun is so bright that you are tempted to make it a filter for your amazing forehead


The few of us who embarked on the trip met in school and boarded a bus. We stopped by a supermarket to get food because our lecturer understood the essence of being well fed. There were drinks and water on the bus so we knew a mini picnic was certified.

When we got to Chenku, we realized that the road leading into the waterfalls was not exactly accessible using a car. So we got off at some point, completed the rest of the journey on foot and paid 2 cedis as entrance fee into the waterfalls. Basically, it is 2 cedis for Ghanaians and 5 cedis for non-Ghanaians. I am Nigerian but the covering of being a part of the larger group with many Ghanaians ensured that I paid 2 cedis.

And my eyes beheld one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in Ghana.

Clear, beautiful water, rushing down the mountain as far as my eyes could see, ending in the somewhat shallow natural pool surrounded by huge rocks and lush greenery. Beautiful, amazing nature.

I ate at the waterside, took pictures of the waterfall, the vegetation and this hill that looked like a masquerade mask, stepped into the water and let it cool my feet and felt at peace with nature.


Into the woods..
nature at her finest
The mountain resembling a mask


But I had mixed feelings; a mixture of joy at the beauty of nature and sadness at how the people who own the Chenku waterfalls have been unable to leverage on its tourism potential to grow it. The place could be a huge tourist attraction if one throws in good roads for vehicles, a proper social media presence and de-rocking certain parts of the water so people can swim without fear of injury.


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So there you have it. This is what the wakaabout madam did with last weekend; got annoyed on 1st of December and had lots of fun on 2nd of December.

What made the difference?

The mannerisms of the lecturers. One lecturer understood that we had to eat even when we had not stayed for long or exerted ourselves so much. The other lecturer seemed bent on milking us of every last ounce of strength within our bones before allowing us the rightly deserved pleasure of nourishing our bodies. One lecturer was the epitome of polite human behavior. The other? Well, I think using unsavory words on people is very impolite, especially when these people were hungry.

When you are embarking on journeys, if you have the liberty to choose who you go with, make sure you choose people with the right attitude, people who you understand and who understand you. This would make your journey more fun and less tedious. The wrong attitude is super exhausting to deal with.

I shall be back really soon with the tea about Calabar that I intend to spill. Till then, let me drop the link to my song of the week. It is titled Temaboy. And it is a song by someone I am sometimes proud to call my Classmate (when his village people are not using the small sense he has to fry Garri), Robby Adams.




Photo Credits:
Pictures from Breman Asikuma: Xperience Photography.
Pictures from Chenku Waterfalls: Your Dearly beloved Wakaabout Madam, Chinwendu.


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