Calabar City

Wandering to Tinapa?



The Christmas season is upon us and a certain otherwise not so lively city is coming alive gradually. And I promised to spill tea. We will do that in bits.

So, you are in Calabar and you have heard all the hype about Tinapa and you just want to go there because what is really the point in going to a city without visiting a “famous” place around it?

Well, you just might be disappointed.

A few months ago, I happened to be in Calabar with some friends and we decided that wandering into Tinapa would not be an entirely bad idea. So we got a cab, bargained to pay the driver 2000 naira and we were on our merry way.

Now, a fun part of being inside Calabar town and going to Tinapa is that you get the feeling of travelling. This might not mean much to you if you are not big on road trips or if staying in Lagos has made you lose all interest in being on the road for a stretch of time. Now, depending on where you stay in Calabar, it is a drive of between 15 to 30 minutes (unless you are staying anywhere after Army Junction aka Welcome to Calabar, if where you are is after Army Junction, you do not stay in Calabar; argue with your village people).

We got to Tinapa and stayed inside the car because there was really nothing to see or do. Yes, there is a lake side; there is even this Tinapa Lake Side Hotel. The Nollywood theatre was deserted, the lone washed up Gorilla statue on top of it, looking like it was tired of holding a placard that had since lost its meaning. The Waterpark, the only other thing functional thing, beside the Lake Side Hotel, was not fully functional. The pool was undergoing maintenance. The waterslide with its rusty metallic body was however functional.





Now, here is one thing I know is possible. I know it is possible that by this time, the waterpark will be fully functional. This means you can go a-swimming if you feel up to it. It is probably one of Calabar’s cleanest public pools. You can play with the waterslide and have fun jumping into the water. And maybe you can find a way to have a mini picnic at the park.

So all hope is not lost. Just try not to go alone. Going in groups makes boring outings a lot more fun.

Speaking of group outings, do you need a group to join for some wakaabout in Calabar and to have absolute fun this Christmas season?

I have good news for you.

Xperience Tour is organizing a six days Calabar Carnival Vacation from the 24th to 29th of December.  During the tour, clients get to visit Tinapa, Marina Resort, Kwa Falls and Christmas Village. Clients also get the opportunity to not just watch but to participate in the main Carnival and to get a vantage view-point of the Bikers Carnival. There will also be a Christmas pool party on the 25th of December. Accommodation, feeding and fees to participate in all the activities are included in the fee to be paid.

Now, the real fun parts of this are not the places to be visited and all the activities. The real fun part is the opportunity to socialize and to meet new people. Most times, fun gets extra fun when you are with lots of people.

Aha! Is that interest I see in your eyes?


Look at the fliers below for all the juicy details about cost, contact numbers and all the fun you will definitely be having.




I shall be back tomorrow to bring you gist about the Pros and Cons of Marina Resort.

Till then, slay!

One thought on “Wandering to Tinapa?

  1. The Nigerian tourism sector is gradually losing its value because we don’t appreciate what we have. Tinapa is a very awesome tourist site but we choose to visit it only during Christmas seasons, now what happens during the other months? No funds to maintain the site, no tourist visiting, all this things are the problems the tourism industry is facing in the country. That’s why it is right to be travel blogger, to tell stories about this sites and encourage tourism in the country. Let us learn to support local tourism.


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