Calabar City

Before You Explore Calabar

marina 2


Hey guys, it has been years.

So this might be a long post (or not) because the season for “fun” in Calabar is already here and I think y’all need some little help with exploring Calabar especially if it is your first time.

Let us start from Marina Resort.

When you step into Calabar and you ask of the fun places to visit, you will most likely be told about Marina Resort and well, for the hype the place gets, it’s basically just regular with lots of water and breeze and huts to sit at and look at the water while enjoying a drink and a slave trade museum and a cinema and an indoors game center and boat ride opportunities.

The place with huts is called Tortuga Island and you can get nice and cheap rice and goat meat pepper soup, or a beautiful plate of Afang Soup. You can also get suya and roast catfish. The scenery and view from there is beautiful. There are huts for you to sit at and stare at the sea and breathe fresh air.


marina 1


Now, let us talk about the cinema. First of all, Calabar does not have a cinema. That Filmhouse Cinema in Marina Resort is a popcorn producing company that has showing Nigerian movies as a side attraction. You seriously do not want to go there. I will comfortably brave bad roads to travel to Uyo just to see a movie instead of going to Marina Resort.

If going to the slave trade museum to get some educative history gets tiresome and you have had enough of sitting and staring at the sea, you can take a boat ride to the Twin Island. The Twin Island was where Mary Slessor kept the rescued twins and raised them. It is believed that the initial twins, Henshaw and Duke are the original founders of Calabar town. There is not so much to see there, except a crocodile whose tail you will be invited to hold (I did not try it, please) and turtles. But the boat ride to and fro is worth it.


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That is really all there is to Marina Resort.

Now, let me dish out random advice:

  1. Do not leave Calabar without eating bread and pastries from Hi-Quality Bakery. You deserve this amazing treatment. Treat yourself to something nice please.
  2. If you are in need of ice cream and you happen to find yourself in a place called Chillis Café along Ndidem Isang Iso Road, do you the favor of avoiding their strawberry ice-cream. It tastes like sorrow and bad decisions. Try vanilla instead; go for Rum flavored ice-cream.
  3. Hotel Boston around MCC road offers good lodging opportunities. For 5000 naira, one can get a good air conditioned room with Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi isn’t so strong though. But it will do,
  4. The food stand at Atekong junction beside Fiesta Fries can satisfy your hunger at night nicely. It is street food but it is amazingly beautiful street food.

Have fun this Christmas. And please be safe. Also, there will be a trivia game on Calabar from the 24th of December to the 26th of December. The rules of the game and the prices to be won will be announced on the 24th. The game will happen on the wakaabout Instagram page (@wakaaboutchroniclesbychinwendu). So stay “tuned”.



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