Groupies? Valuable People

Happy new year fellow wanderers. A lot happened over the holidays that put a clog in the works of the things I had planned, but well, that is past now.

Today, I will be sharing something that I discovered in my wandering around social media and art events. It is a pointer to the direction and potential this year holds for people.

2018 should be the year of exploiting the groupies.

2017 saw an emergence of a category of people especially in the art industry. Let’s call them the groupies for lack of a better word. These people made a point to attend almost every show and concert and event (even the ones they swore they won’t be seen at). And they did not attend these things because they have some connection to the art. For them, it was a phase in the “how to come across as cool” journey.

You see, Nigeria has an abundance of groupies who do not exactly understand the art well enough but want to get involved with the art. Like they want to identify with it because everyone seemingly is identifying with it and it seems cool. Nigeria has an abundance of people who are crazy for the aesthetics, the “take a picture for the gram” people, the “being at the art conferences and concerts makes me supercool” people.

And they may not exactly be an artist’s audience because it is often normal for an artist to crave that people connect properly with his/her art.

But in this 2018 that we need the art to pay, this is definitely a great time for the artist to make money off the groupies. Here is a guide to making money off the art groupies:

  • Put out more art in the coming year. Now, if you are not a solid artist who cares about quality, you can repeatedly put out art works that are not exactly standard. You do not have to expend so much energy into quality art. You will still get groupies to notice you. There is even a category of groupies who seek the relatively unknown and rave about them just to seem knowledgeable about art. However, if you want to capture both the groupies and those who are really all about the art for the sake of the art, ensure that you stick to quality while putting out more art.

  • Host more exhibitions and concerts. It is no secret that in Nigeria, artists rarely make much money off their art because of piracy or the general unwillingness to purchase art works by the populace. This is where exhibitions and concerts come to the rescue. This way, an artist can charge money for his/her art and properly earn from it.

  • Make it flashy. I am of the opinion that if one spends 10,000 naira on producing a piece of art, the person needs to spend sometimes 5 to 20 times more to promote and push the art. This flashiness is properly directed at the groupies who want to associate with whatever is trendy. This is for the crazy about the aesthetics groupies who want to be seen attached to all the glitz and glamour. Make it fanciful enough for them.

  • If you can afford it, throw in a giveaway or two. It would attract them well enough and seemingly compensate for how much they think they are spending on your art. Meanwhile, you are earning more.

I sincerely think 2018 should be the year of the artist. 2018 should be the year the art pays.

Welcome to a new year, make the most of it.

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