Tales From Ake-Nnyin

The Season of Something Awesome

Hello fellow wanderers, it has been a long while.

I was thinking that I most likely may not write here again (till I get a proper website for us) but I have decided that I cannot stop sharing all these interesting wakaabout details with you all. So yes, welcome back to wakaabout chronicles.

It is true that the work week just began. However, there is never really a bad time to start planning for your weekend. Nigeria is already set up in a way that stresses you, you need to deliberately make plans to de-stress and relax. So what would you be doing this weekend? No idea yet? Alright, I have just the thing for you.


The result of a ménage à trois involving art, culture and the outdoorsy component of nature is beautiful. It births an event which features art exhibitions that leave your eyes watery and your heart full, delicacies which cause an exquisite explosion of tastes in your mouth and calm scenery which soothes your soul. Ake-Nnyin is that event which offers all these and more.

This event organised by the Port Harcourt Literary Society and Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort takes place in Uyo on the 19th and 20th of this month. You should not miss it. What is that I heard you say? Your wedding is this weekend? Miss your wedding instead or move your wedding to next weekend and take your bae on a pre-wedding baecation to Ake-Nnyin. You are not close to Uyo? Guess who is coming all the way from Lagos? Me.

This beautiful weekend getaway features enchanting poetry, soul-stirring music, embracing of culture, enlightening conversations, beautiful photography exhibitions, energising games of tennis and golf and amazing culinary delights.

Come have the time of your life, this is the season of Something Awesome. And if you absolutely cannot make it, I would share tales from Ake-Nnyin on the blog so you can live vicariously through me a bit.

Oya, let us wakaabout purposefully this week as we look forward to an amazing weekend of more wakaabout.

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