How To Pack Like A Minimalist Pro

I have discovered that there are two people you should take advice from; the one who has failed one too many times and finally gotten it and the one who has simply just gotten it. It’s pretty obvious why you should take advice from the latter. As for the former, beyond finding out how exactly to get it, you can learn valuable lessons learnt on the journey of failing before getting it.

I happen to be the former in this issue because it was only recently I learnt how to pack a travel bag. I am typically the girl who would show up for a trip with a huge travel bag and still end up feeling like I don’t have enough of what I need.

However, I recently learnt how to incorporate minimalism in my packing. This is super helpful for times when you just need to grab a little bag for a short trip. The principle of minimalism intentionally focuses on the necessary elements.

Here is how to incorporate it into your packing for a trip:

1. Understand what kind of trip you are going on. This would help you know what things are necessary for that trip.

2. Make a list. Lists help keep you organised.

3. Follow your list and ensure that you have all the necessary things you need for your trip. By necessary things, I am not speaking of your toiletries. I am referring to stuff like your choice of clothes and the gadgets you would need for the trip.

4. Pack ahead of your trip. Your packing should be done at least a day ahead of your trip and only a few last minute changes should be made. This would give you enough time to ensure that you have all you need.

Also, always remember to ensure that you have a valid means of identification like your passport on you, that you have cables for keeping your gadgets charged and that you always have access to enough funds for your trip.

Now, go pack that bag.

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