Cocktails and Waist Twisters

Everyone who knows me knows I love all forms of wholesome artistic expression and that I am a play photographer (at least that is part of what I studied in the university and what made my brother once say I went to school to learn how to be a camera woman). So, when I saw a chance to attend the grand opening of Lagos Photo Festival, tagged “Time Has Gone”, on 27th October, 2018, I grabbed it with both hands and I dragged David along.

We arrived at the Federal Press Liaison office, a not so remarkable building on Broad Street, visibly flanked by everyday common Lagos living, around 7pm, an hour late because of Lagos traffic. I left all my expectations at the door and told myself that I would enjoy the Belvedere Vodka cocktails even if there was nothing much to see.

I was both right and wrong. Yes, the cocktails were very enjoyable. You should definitely try mixing vodka with pineapple or strawberry-ish juice and lots of ice. The taste is good. No, there was more than nothing to see. There was everything to see in the works exhibited by Abosede George, Emmanuel Andrianjafy, Malala Andrailavidrazana, Mary Evans, Matilde ter Heijne and Sandra Brewster. From a beautiful picture rack telling beautiful separate yet interwoven tales of people and places to a wall laden with snatches of Senegalese history, there was so much to encounter and so much to learn.

It did not end with the art pieces displayed on the wall. Like all projects committed to offering fully epic experiences, the event was not over till we had Skata Vibration flooding our auditory senses with delightful music.

That is how two glasses of cocktails and over an hour of listening to good music and holding mind conversations with the art pieces on display later, I found myself moving my waist to the music blaring from the speakers after Skata Vibration was done.

I do not remember the song I was twisting my waist to. I, however, remember the event and the excited feeling I went home with. And what is great art if it doesn’t stir up something within the souls of the beholders?

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