Living The Wakaabout Life on A Budget in Lagos

2018 has been an incredibly trying year for this baby girl. I fully relocated to Lagos this year and everyday, I need to whisper “mi o le wa ku” so I am reminded to not do pass myself. I have spent so much on leading my wandering feet through Lagos in cabs and trust me, wakaabout can seem expensive in Lagos, especially when the only places you have houses in Lagos are at Atican Beach and Ikorodu. Yea, two opposites.

However, I’ve got some good news for you. You can still live that wakaabout baby boy or baby girl life on a budget in Lagos.

Here is how.

1. Embrace the BRT method 1.0

Now, if like some of us, there are days you really need to wander and you are not so cashed up then, this could be your help. Stroll or take a bike/keke to the nearest BRT terminal around you. Board a BRT to the closest terminal to your destination. Get to the terminal and stroll or take a bike/keke to your destination.

The thing about BRTs is that they are cheaper than cabs and even molues, the Air Conditioner prevents you from smelling like smoked fish and rotten tomatoes when you get down and the seats are relatively comfortable (please, respect your baby girl/boy status and don’t enter “standing”).

2. BRT Method 2.0 works well too

In BRT 2.0, you combine both the BRT buses and Taxify.

So there is this event you want to pull up looking bougie at but you stay at Ikorodu and you currently do not have spare change enough to take yourself all the way to Ikoyi and back via a cab.

Take a BRT from a terminal close to you. Get down at a terminal very close to the venue of the event. Request a Taxify ride (yes, Taxify because the drivers are mostly courteous and Taxify cares about those of us in Ikorodu enough to make rides available here, unlike one other company like that. And oh! They are huge sponsors of art and fashion and baby girl/boy living in Nigeria) from there to the venue of the event. You would get there without stress and at a lesser price.

3. Sometimes Expensive looking Thrills are cheap or free

This Lagos is full of packaging. Due to this, you might assume that all the events taking place in Lagos and all the fancy looking places are expensive.

One truth is that sometimes, they really are expensive for you, depending on your pocket. The other truth is that some other times, these things are cheaper than you expect or even free. The only thing here is getting access. And this all begins with information. If you love to wakaabout, then you should stay informed about potential places to wander to in Lagos. Research on these places, gather information about places and events and you’d realise that you can get into these places easier than you thought.

I hope these tips help you live your best wakaabout life in Lagos.

And speaking of events, who else is going for Porkoyum FoodFest this weekend? Also, who else is showing up at Plus-size fashion week? And oh, there is ArtX this weekend too. What to do? How do we breeze in and out of all these places? *checks Taxify app*. Hmmmm, this can work.

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