Pork and the Unfortunateness of Gidi

Sometimes, even when you tell yourself you intend to wander so much within a period of time, you should sit some things out, especially if you happen to be in Lagos and several miles away from where the event is happening.

My wakaabout yesterday was one of such events. Yesterday was Porkoyum FoodFest and because I know that the major part of these events start hours after the event is supposed to start, I decided to leave my house by 12noon. I checked the transportation price range on Taxify and smiled when after applying the promo code, I realised I should be paying between 1600-2400 naira.

So, I requested for a ride and I was out of my house by 12:24pm.

Lagos traffic took one look at me and had a good laugh. I got to the venue of the event 2 hours and 46 minutes later. And when the Taxify driver ended the trip, the fare was 7700 naira. 5700 naira was deducted from my account.

Chinwendu 0 1 Taxify and Lagos unfortunate traffic

Now, beyond learning that Lasgidi traffic is not my friend, I am also learning that certain Lagos events should not be attended early. Well, in my defence, I tried to attend the event early because I had choir practice by 4pm(which I went to late, by the way). The major performances did not start till sometime around 5pm. Now, I would really like to know why you would say an event is starting by 12pm and push the main reason (beyond sampling varied foods) why people are attending to 5pm. What is your agenda? To get people to stand around or seek succour beneath the sparse available shades, stuffing their faces with food and drinks while hoping something major starts soon? Okay, I get it. It’s a food fest. Still, some of us came there for the alternative vibe that was projected.

I have just one word for my day; stressful. This is the product of living in Lagos and being on the receiving end of the unfortunateness of this place.

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