GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018: Model’s Wardrobe Malfunction Teaches A Vital Lesson

GTBank Fashion Weekend has ended and although some people believe ORNGE is so last year, the Fashion Weekend with all the effort, planning and aesthetics that went into putting it all together has proven that ORNGE is still in season.

Day 1 of the Fashion Weekend’s Runway shows was a gift that kept giving and I gleaned what I needed to.

This solid lesson by a model for Adama Paris is one of those things I gleaned.

Image of Adama Paris

The model, clad in a white sleeveless gown, was less than halfway down the runway when one of the dress’ slender straps slid down her arm and bared her entire left boob. She did not pull it up. She did not alter her pace or the quality of her catwalk. She exhibited professionalism till she was off the runway.

A truth is, body parts are simply body parts. It is humans, especially in these climes, who attach so much importance to breasts, vaginas, butts and penis. They are actually just body parts like hands and feet.

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