GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018: Doing it Da Silva Way

I went for Day 2 of the Runway shows, saw models for three designers walk the runway, grabbed my bag, said goodnight to some people and left for home.

The truth is that the main reason I went for Day 2 was because I wanted to see Lanre Dasilva Ajayi’s SS19 Glow Blaze collection.

What is that you said? That it’s unfair that I was not really excited about other designers?

Well, it is what it is. Having a long day makes me extra picky sometimes.

And I was not disappointed.

The designs on the Glow Blaze collection are for people who love to snatch the edges of basic people and have less fashionable good ole women clutching their pearls.

With, the use of greens, purples, golds, blues and pinks, these designs are meant for the bold and daring who desire to court attention.

And oh, the models’ headgears were to die for; all that exquisite fascinator goodness.

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