GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018: How Average Nigerian Are You?

It appears that few events that happen in Nigeria go without some sort of drama, even if it is lowkey.

The drama gets particularly worse when there are average Nigerians in attendance and the event is free like GTBank Fashion Weekend.

The event this year was plagued with several cases of stolen phones and purses, especially in the mad rush to get into the arena for the Runway shows.

I was a lot more pleased when it was announced that only people with tags would get into the arena for the second day. Little did I know that there was going to be the mother of low-key pilfering inside the arena.

Some females who were being moved from row to row so some empty seats could be filled up before letting in those who would stand at the back, decided to behave like average Nigerians who lack home training.

They dipped their hands into the bags placed underneath every seat they passed on their way to their final seats, took out the transparent hooded raincoats in each bag and left just the magazines.

These people decided that other people do not deserve stuff as basic as the fancy GTBank raincoats simply because they are a bunch of average Nigerian females, greedy and ill mannered.

Since behaving like an average Nigerian is something some people never grow out of, how average Nigerian are you?

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