Embrace The Laidback Life – An Easy Way To Slay Lazy Style Days

Anyone who knows me would know that I have more lazy style days than days when I actually feel like getting dressed and making an effort. And this is totally okay. The only thing is that I still want to look like a babe and live that baby girl life.

This can be super frustrating especially when I feel like repeating a piece of clothing.

To combat this, I have learnt the power of conversion.

I have this shirt my mom calls a uniform now because I have worn the hell out of it but do I care? No. I have worn this shirt as an open jacket with a black t-shirt inside and I have worn it as a full shirt on a black pair of trousers.

Today, I needed to quickly step out to go run some errands and I decided to convert it to a tied-off crop top.

You can rock this style to that event you want to pull up at looking laidback yet stylish. You can try it for days when you need to run quick errand or take a walk around your area.

You can style it with a pair of loose fitting trousers like I did, a pair of palazzo trousers, or a skirt. A pair of skinny high waist denim trousers would also totally go with it. And don’t forget your footwear. You can pull this off with just about any kind of footwear.

So yea, have lots of fun converting.

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