Gokada: Giving Taxify and Uber A Run For Their Money

Anyone who knows these wandering feet knows that it’s about time Taxify made me one of their ambassadors. With how much I have patronised them (even after some drivers do me dirty and I swear not to) and how I have written about them, I think it’s time. So, when my friend told me that Gokada might just put Taxify and Uber out of business in Lagos, I was curious.

As a Lagosian, I kind of understand why he would think this way. The traffic in Lagos is hellish. So, motorcycles seem like the easiest way to get to a place, especially if they cost less than taxi rides.

Because I was willing to believe him, I downloaded the Gokada app and waited for the day I would need to get a ride.

Two days ago, the business partner and I had some urgent work-related issues to fix at computer village so we took Gokada rides from Maryland to Computer Village. And I have not been won over.

Here is why.

First, despite how many times I have had to mount motorcycles in Lagos, I am still skeptical about them because these roads ain’t safe and though Gokada offers helmets to riders, it’s still not entirely safe. The rest of my body was exposed and I could definitely be injured easily, especially since the rider kept squeezing into tiny spaces between cars.

Second, it’s actually not as cost effective as Taxify and Uber in certain cases. For example, yesterday, the business partner and I needed to get a client’s job from Onipanu to Dolphin Estate. I checked the price on Gokada just for fun and I saw 1,250 naira. Now, these motorcycles are designed to carry only the rider and a single passenger. This means that I would have to pay about 2,500 naira for two. Taxify on the other hand was 1,600-1,900 naira and I ended up paying 2,100 naira because of slight traffic. Taxis make it possible to carry more people at lesser prices.

There is also the fact that these motorcycles are not designed to be used to convey load. So it would have been totally impossible for me to make the delivery using Gokada.

I believe Gokada is more perfect for emergencies and quick rides for individuals than regular transportation. And there is no way, at least not in the near future that this brand would give ride providing companies like Taxify and Uber a run for their money.

I would definitely be using Gokada again though. It does have its uses. Hopefully, the next time would win me over.

Meanwhile, I have a random question: the net caps passengers are given by the riders before they put on their helmets, are they new or are they reused?

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