Just Wear It: Pairing Floral Print With Floral Print

I looked like a crossbreed of “I’ll pour my frustration on you” and “quarter to die” when I woke up in the morning.

Yesterday was just one super long day and I had to wake up really early and be in church today.

I made it to church early enough. But, let us talk about dressing.

I had just stepped out of the bathroom when a friend told me choir members were expected to put on a black jacket today. This totally spoilt all the dressing plans I had for today and I just decided “wo! Las las, I’d just wear anything under this jacket”. And two pieces of clothing; both floral prints called to me.

There are certain people I know who insist that you cannot wear two different floral patterned clothing items. Well, they are wrong. You can. Society just says you cannot.

Sincerely, half the slay is how confidently you pull it off. Sometimes, the pieces of clothing might look weird when put together but the way you wear them makes the difference.

Now, this is how I ended up putting on clothes I would normally not be found in. And I totally loved it.

What are you planning to experiment with fashion-wise? Just do wear it.

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