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4 Places To Eat In Calabar This December

Calabar is one of my favourite places. Maybe it is because I grew up there or maybe because many of my friends are there so I get to reunite with them and do all the crazy stuff I like to do.

Since I love this city and I am also a foodie, if you happen to wander into Calabar this December and you’d love to enjoy great meals and snacks, I am definitely your plug.

So here are 4 food brands you should patronise in Calabar this month.

1. Black Chilli

This brand consistently offers great meals at amazing prices. You should definitely try their signature gizdodo. It’s heavenly.

You can find them at Shop 84 Christmas Village.

2. Shawarma & Attractions

Do you like shawarma? Or do you think you have seen all there is to shawarmas? I think you haven’t. If you have never tasted shawarmas made by this brand, then you haven’t. With different meat bases such as chevon, pork, beef and chicken and different toppings like peanut butter, chocolate, coconut candy, strawberry and avocado, you really want to taste this.

You can find them also at Shop 84 Christmas Village.

3. Native Delicacies Restaurant

If you are like my mom who feels unfulfilled if she hasn’t had a plate of a local delicacy in a day, you should definitely go to this place. Located at 118 Murtala Mohammed Highway, this high-end restaurant offers mouthwatering local dishes from different tribes.

With palm wine on the menu and a pool side bar, you should eat here.

4. Big Daddy’s

I am skeptical about street food because I get food poisoning easily. However, if there is one street food joint I trust with my life, it is Big Daddy’s. Located at Atekong junction beside Fiesta Fries, the young men who run this Calabar food brand offer tasty dishes of rice and meat, noodles, chicken and chips and roast fish at super amazing prices.

They are open everyday between 7:30pm and 1am.

Oya go and chop the life of your head.

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