The Wakaabout Creative’s Imposter Syndrome

This is not exactly about travel. It is something I discovered while carrying out a business Wakaabout though.

Sometime last week, I went to pitch a show idea to a brand and of all ideas to pitch, I decided it was TGIF Questions I would pitch. But I pitched it in a way that was boring. I didn’t add the Wakaabout twist to it and the actual reason was because I was so unsure that I would get anyone who would want to produce a travel show mixed with my ideas for TGIF Questions. I was unsure that anyone would take me serious enough.

Well, here is the thing. The panel went through my Instagram page and my blog and decided that I am best suited to offer exciting travel content. The idea I went to pitch was ditched. And I was told to stick to creating content that revolves around my wanderings, since I am a professional wanderer, madwoman and storyteller.

I have seen how much work people have put into their travel brands and all the social media aesthetics and it makes me wonder sometimes if I am all that. I mean, sometimes people follow me on social media and I wonder, “why is he or she following me?” especially when my travel and tours program hasn’t gotten a lot of positive responses. (We’re still going to Calabar. If you’re interested, contact me via chinwendu@thewakaabout.com for more information).

I feel like an imposter sometimes. And to combat this, I created a hashtag to remind myself that I am all that and more: #thewakaaboutcreative.

Do you have imposter syndrome? How do you deal with it?

4 thoughts on “The Wakaabout Creative’s Imposter Syndrome

  1. Create a style. Stick with it
    In Architecture, fellow students can tell who made a design just by looking at the design. You don’t necessarily have to be present.

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