How To Have Fun At Tarkwa Bay

I and some friends took a trip to Tarkwa Bay some days ago. With all my claims to being the Wakaabout Creative, I had never been to Tarkwa Bay before two days ago.

I checked for the prices of boat rides there online because I like to be well-informed before going anywhere. The internet told me 1,500 naira for a ride there. Do not trust the internet. Even TripAdvisor may have very inaccurate information because the site mostly relies on reviews from random people.

Because I am a nice person, here are some tips on having an easy trip to Tarkwa Bay.

1. The fare is 500 naira per person, per ride. To and fro is 1000 naira. The price might get higher during the festive period.

2. Ensure that you get your food before heading to the ferry terminal.

3. To get to the terminal we used, walk past the BRT bus stop at CMS into a sandy road. There are however, no loading steps in this terminal. You’d have to kind of jump into the boat from a cement slab. Extreme sport, but okay.

4. You can get a tent for between 1000 naira to 7000 naira. When you get there, call Joseph (07052109715). Let this calm nice man be your tent plug.

5. Have lots of fun. Take pictures for the gram.

6. Make sure you leave by or before 6pm (unless you intend to stay over in a beach house) so you’d get a ferry back to CMS.

Now, I shall just show off my ”give them” pictures.

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