Exhibiting Ratchet Coolness in Lagos; One Place At A Time.

Two of my favourite people came to Lagos to spend sometime with my business partner and I and it has been real.

We have lazed about at home, talking about anything and everything and surviving on junk food. We have made amazing laughter-inducing videos at Dominoes Pizza, our butts have warmed the seats of The Place at Ikorodu and we have done a three-place Island hop.

So this is about our three-place Island hop.

On Saturday morning, we woke up convinced that come rain(well, it was too early for rain unless you live in Calabar) or shine we would explore the Island. So we got dressed, used the local Paga place to withdraw money and began our journey on bikes. We traveled from Igbogbo to the Bayeku Ferry Terminal and at a point I started wondering if we had not boarded one chance bikes, taking us on a journey to being used for money rituals or to have our organs harvested (whichever suits you). We got to the terminal, paid 200 naira per person to the bike men and stepped in.

We met Bassey, a man with a semi-smile permanently pasted on his face, who wanted to take offence when we talked about his name till we explained that we were from the South South too. We each paid 400 naira for the journey from Bayeku to Okeira, Ajah.

We boarded the ferry and our journey began. I spent the 11 minutes or so of the journey, filming and photographing seaweed and talking to my business partner. We got to Okeira Ferry Terminal and boarded bikes to the Ajah Jubilee bridge. It cost 100 naira per person.

From there, we hired a keke to take us to Santa Cruz Beach (which is beside Atican Beach which is along Okun-Ajah road, Cameroon Lagos). He charged 1000 naira.

We settled in at the beach, had an alright meal of garri and soup which cost 1,500 naira and went into the sea to play. Actually the boys went into the sea to play. I pulled out my tripod stand and did what I do best, film and photograph.

From Santa Cruz Beach, we decided that it would be nice to experience art, so we took ourselves to Nike Art Gallery and had absolute fun goofing around and sticking our tongues out, grabbing the butts of artworks and just being as ratchet and as cool as we could be. We met with Mama Nike and the conversation we had with her was enlightening.

Then we dragged our art overwhelmed selves to Freedom Park for some alcohol and laughter.

We ended our night on a BRT heading to Ikorodu, eyes glistening with happiness, bodies tired from all the wandering, phones filled with captured memories and hearts filled with love.

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