Black Don’t Crack and Why You Need Sunscreen

There’s this common belief that people of African descent are made of all things solid and that our skins are ageless no matter how we treat them. “Black don’t crack” has been thrown around so much that people assume it is license to not pay so much attention to their skins and to eventually walk around looking like scaly lizards.

Here’s one truth, your black will crack, it will become like rough, old split leather if you do not take care of it especially when you are out and about.

If you intend to live the baby girl/boy life as a Wakaabout you definitely need sunscreen. Yes, you are a glorious melanin god/goddess whose skin traps the light of the sun and reflects it in different shades of beautiful blackness but you are damaging your skin because you do not use sunscreen.

You should wear sunscreen to shield yourself from harmful Ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen also prevents you from premature ageing and enhances the general health of your skin.

So tell us, why aren’t you using sunscreen yet?

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