Lodging in Lekki: A Not So Great Experience

Hi guys, it’s been one long minute. I have been swamped with work and in my free time, I had to explore because eyan le ku any fucking time. This means, I have some content for you and I will be unpacking it soon. So sit tight.

This is one post where I unfortunately do not make any direct recommendations. The bright side of this post is that it is your turn to recommend something to the professional Wakaabout.

Two times in the last month, I have tried to get a hotel to stay in in Lekki Phase 1 and the first advice I have to give you on navigating hotels in Lekki is “if you are not willing to spend more than 10,000 naira, leave hotels in Lekki alone”.

The first hotel is Zeina Suites located at 1 General Ogunmodia Boulevard, Lekki Phase 1.

Payment for a room in this hotel was made at least a full day and extra hours before arrival at the hotel. The first red flag was that they weren’t expecting us and we had to wait a bit to get a room for us. The second red flag was that the room we were given had not been cleaned and we had to go down to the reception to ask that it be cleaned. You may wonder why we did not use the intercom. Well, it is impossible to use nonexistent intercoms. What broke the camel’s back was finding out that their shower system was bad, there was no bucket in the bathroom to even make it easier so we had to use water bottles to trap water to bath.

When my friend and I were making payment for Vintage Homes, we hoped it would be better than Zeina Suites. Well, it may have been considering the shower worked this time. But Vintage Homes is not a hotel. It is a repurposed personal residence with no front desk and barely any security guard. It is a repurposed personal residence which uses both an inverter and a generator which cannot power their air conditioners, so we were stuck with standing fans for the bulk of our stay. Oh, but there was definitely someone who came upstairs to remind us to check out because well, they cannot let you stay some extra time in their precious residence repurposed to rip people off of about 10,000 naira. Oh and they asked us to drop a favourable review on hotels.ng. Hahaha.

Anyhoo, who is experienced in getting hotels within Lekki Phase 1 or in the Lekki axis, kindly drop your recommendations. It is on a budget that we are, we no kill person. Also, please don’t let my village people use you to drag me anywhere past Chevron.

I shall be back soon with some of the content I have been preparing for y’all. Till then, travel, even if it is in your mind.

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