You want it? Make it

Hi guys and welcome to the first post in the part where I talk about all the delicious food I have been eating. Apparently, I have not shared a lot about the food aspect of my Wakaabout and that is about to change around here because I need to be good to my Brethren.

So this starts with a story.

I met two people this year. Let’s call them “Fat Baby” and “Muki”. And their intimate relationships with food have rekindled mine.

Now, Fat Baby makes amazing sandwiches, the kind that I like, filthy enough to give you foodgasms. So this weekend, I expressed my desire to have his sandwiches and he obliged.

If you are ever stuck with bacon, nice bread, tomatoes, onions, avocados, butter, cheese, barbecue sauce, salad dressing, black pepper and eggs, you might just want to make the filthiest sandwiches ever.

They are easy to make and the major thing that takes time while making them is getting the bacon fried or grilled.

All you need to do is:

1. Wash and slice the tomatoes, onions and avocados. You should slice the tomatoes and onions into thin rings and the avocados into long strips.

2. Slice your bread. Already sliced bread is usually too thin. So get some unsliced bread and cut it into thick slices. We love everything thick around here.

3. Spread barbecue sauce on one slice of bread. We used Jack Daniels barbecue sauce because we love barbecue sauce that smells like alcohol.

4. Place strips of cheese on the slice of bread

5. Place your strips of bacon in a nonstick pan and fry it. When it’s almost done, break your eggs over it and let them fry together. Please dear, don’t whisk the egg before frying.

6. Take your fried bacon and eggs and place it on top of the cheese on the slice of bread.

7. Put your tomatoes, avocados and onions in a bowl and add your salad dressing. Mix it together. Add a pinch of salt for taste.

8. Put that mix on top of the fried bacon and eggs.

9. Cover that slice of bread with another slice of bread.

10. Spread butter on a nonstick pan and toast that bread the “mishai” way.

Sit back, grab a drink, put on your favourite show and savour the goodness of a proper sandwich with some amazing moistness.

It’s filthy, but we love it.

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