Random Wakaabouts

Of Moist Beach in Lagos and what to do this weekend

Lagos has some of the best places to chill and have maximum fun but you are not going to know because you are either omo get inside or you are not exploring enough.

This is why The Wakaabout is your plug for all things Lagos. And on this episode of Experiencing Lagos, we bring you a tale of a visit to a beach.

The first time Fat baby told me the name of the beach we were going to I giggled because every beach is definitely “moist”. I looked forward to discovering what makes this beach so moist that its name is Moist Beach.

I discovered the reason when we walked through the door of Moist Beach Club after making a pit stop at Murphis Shawarma joint along Sanusi Fanfunwa, Victoria Island. If you have never tried their mixed shawarma, be nice to yourself soon and try it.

Moist Beach, located within Oniru Royal Beach at the far end of Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, is a privately-owned-accessible-to-the-public beach that is everything and more.

From the lights and the cute little pool (which I am convinced is meant for little humans) to the music blaring from the speakers (though at some point on that night, it took the special grace of God not to throw a shoe at the DJ) and the horse we met named “For God” who Fat Baby developed a liking for, Moist Beach was a complete vibe.

With 1000 naira gate fee per person, you can get in and have maximum fun. At Moist Beach, you can take a swim in the pool, admire the lights, go for a horse ride, lounge and drink something nice, walk by the seashore and inhale some clean air and party hard. And oh, just a tip about the drinks; if you love alcohol yet you have a sweet tooth, you might want to inform the waiter serving you that you would prefer that your cocktail doesn’t taste like liquid cultism.

Oya, go have fun and thank me later.

Meanwhile, if you are free from the 24th to the 26th of this month and you love fashion, I have just the thing for you.

Fashions Finest Africa 2019 is coming to Lagos and you should not miss it. It is going to be educating, entertaining and definitely lots of fun particularly because there is a rave on the last night and we know you like to partyyyyyy!

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