Things to do on a Sunday in Lagos

What if I told you that Sundays are not just meant for you to lift up holy hands, eat rice and stew and stay inside your house? There are some fun things you can do on a Sunday that won’t put a hole in your pocket in this Lagos that you just have to breathe and you have lost money.

1. Grab a Drink at Pophub Lagos

Apart from being a space for creatives, I like Pophub because of the bar. From mocktails for sweet summer children to cocktails designed to make omo wobe feel alright, the bar in Pophub located at No. 4 The Rock Drive, Lekki Phase 1 (beside IMAX) has something for everyone; including water for those minding their businesses.

Grab a nice Sunday drink there. And if you’re hungry, there’s a kitchen. Ask for what they have available and place an order.

2. Eat Something Nice at IMAX upstairs Lounge

Since IMAX is close by, you can always stroll over to continue your enjoyment.

I had the honey glazed chicken with kelewele, while my partner had beef burger, fries and gizdodo.

The meal was quiet sumptuous.

Meanwhile, if you are someone who likes their meat very dead, you might want to skip the chicken because well, there are traces of “red juice” still in it. But if you like your meat rare, this should not be a problem.

You can stroll to the cinema and see a movie after that.

3. Visit Dejavu Gentlemen’s Club

So, this last part I am telling you about comes with a warning; don’t call my name when you go to hell for visiting an adult club after lifting holy hands.

But yea, if you are up for it and you would rather end your night in a spectacular way that may or may not affect your Monday morning, you should try this out.

The pole dancers are good and what’s not to love about the idea of getting premium lap dances to put you in a good mood for the rest of the week.

Oya, have fun and thank me later.

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