How AkéFest is Contributing to Afrotourism

The 2019 edition of Aké Arts and Book Festival ended a week ago and it was heavily attended by diverse people from different walks of life and different continents all united by beautiful literature and enthralling art.

When one thinks about AkéFest, what comes to mind is how much the African literary and art scene is benefiting from this festival organised by Lola Shoneyin and supported by brands like Sterling Bank who have shown a deep interest in helping Africa tell her story through art. However, beyond the literary and art scene, our industry, the African tourism and hospitality industry is benefitting from this festival.

With writers like Mona Eltahawy, Nnedi Okorafor and TJ Benson and musicians like Fokn Bois, Temmie Ovwasa and DwinTheStoic as well as other multidisciplinary artist who attended this year’s edition, many people flocked to AkéFest19 to immerse themselves in art and meaningful conversations born from the theme for the year, Black Bodies Grey Matter, and to meet with their favourite creatives.

This influx of many people into Lagos, Nigeria for the festival ensured that hotels and transport companies got greater patronage, and the Nigerian economy reaped the benefits of tourism as the tourists procured the goods and services of vendors within Lagos.

For this, we are thankful that Aké Arts and Book Festival keeps playing its important role in Africa and we look forward to future festivals and the potential it holds for the African tourism and hospitality industry.

Meanwhile, below are some pictures from the festival, so you can live vicariously through us a bit, if you did not attend the festival.

One thought on “How AkéFest is Contributing to Afrotourism

  1. This is definitely one of the many reasons I love living in Lagos…
    They’re always events ranging from sports, fashion, food, travel etc. That one way or the other plunge tourists to our beloved country.
    Impressive feat by Mrs Ake!


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