The Wakaabout’s Favourite Looks From GT Bank Fashion Weekend

The GT Bank Fashion Weekend just ended and we were there to capture all our favourite looks.

Unlike last year when we focused on runway, this year, our focus was on street style because what’s not to love about all the ways people found to express themselves off the runway.

From people serving class and attitude in lovely outfits to people serving beautiful skin, nice accessories and lovely smiles, here are some of our favourite looks:


Class and attitude 1
Class and attitude 2
Class and attitude 3
Class and attitude 4



Serving skin 2

Serving skin 3

Serving skin 4

Serving skin 5

Serving skin 6


Accessories 1

Accessories 2

Accessories 3

Accessories 4

Accessories 5

We had so much fun and we look forward to the 2020 edition.

Pictures: Olisa Ogbolu (@lsmkofficial on Instagram) for The Wakaabout.

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