10 Countries to Visit in 2020


2020 is the year of deliberately creating memories and travelling to new places is one sure-fire way to build up your memory bank. We at the Wakaabout have made this list for you of ten fantastic African countries to visit this year.  Let’s get right into it, shall we? 

1. MALAWI: Home to Africa’s third largest lake- Lake Malawi and a host of gorgeous beaches, Malawi is fast becoming a top African travel destination. The Malawian people are known for their friendliness and warm welcome to travellers and visitors. You can go swimming and partake in other water activities in the stunning (and safe) waters of Lake Malawi. There are also wildlife parks with zebras and an array of antelope. You will also be swept away by Malawi’s picturesque rolling hills. The Malawian landscape and the rich culture of its people are a wonder waiting to be experienced. 

2. TANZANIA: Tanzania is a thrill waiting to be felt. Imagine climbing the highest mountain in Africa, the famous Mount Kilimanjaro or visiting the Ngongoro Crater Conservation area, known for its access to one of Africa’s greatest lakes- Lake Victoria. Tanzania has some of the most beautiful towns in Africa such as Arusha and Stone Town. These towns are bursting with culture and heritage. The country also has a plethora of lovely white sand beaches. At the Serengeti National Park, you can go on a hot air balloon ride over the park. You can also soak in the incredible African plains the same park.
3. MOROCCO: The liveliness of Morocco is utterly incredible. Every single town and city in this country is rich in charm and character, drawing you in and filling you with life. You can visit the city of Essaouira, known for being one of the locations for the very popular Game of Thrones series. You should also explore the different markets and walk round the cities. If you’re not a city type, Morocco has the Atlas Mountains for you to roam and explore. 
4. RWANDA: Since the days of the terrible heart wrenching Genocide, Rwanda has truly come a long way. This Central African country has made leaps and strides in its infrastructure, economy and tourism development. It is known as the “land of a thousand hills” due to its towering Virunga Mountains. Rwanda is also home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas. The country has Lake Kivu in the South and Lake Edward in the North, two of the most breath taking lakes on the continent. The country also honours the memory of its past with the Kigali Genocide memorial. So, you can learn history, pay respects and round up your trip by soaking in Lake Kivu or Edward. 
5. BOTSWANA: The abundance of stunning natural scapes and wonders in Botswana is truly impressive. From the incredible Kalahari to the beautiful vanishing Lake Ngami, Kudu Island to the lovely Okavango Delta. You can set up camp in the wilderness amongst the elephants and experience the gorgeous dusk. If you plan your visit between December and April, you just might get to see the Zebra migration. 
6. ZAMBIA: Picture a safari at dawn or dusk. Imagine watching the gorgeous rise of the African sun and the equally gorgeous sunset. The wildlife here ranges from leopards to elephants to cape buffaloes to the rare Thornicroft giraffe. At the South Luangwa River and National park, you can walk through the wild savannah and soak in the unadulterated beauty of nature. 
7. MOZAMBIQUE: There is a raw and untouched quality to the beauty of this country. From its inviting white sand to its beautiful blue waters, it’s easy to just relax and get lost in the landscape. The people of Mozambique are highly hospitable and their food is incredible. You can go swimming with whale sharks, surf and scuba dive. If you’re a beach lover, Mozambique has your name written all over it.
8. SENEGAL: Home to the Lac Rose, a gorgeous pink lake, Senegal and its waters are sure to steal your heart. You can go sea fishing, lounge on the beach, swim and do all sorts of water activities. Senegal is the perfect place to escape to when it gets cold and you’re craving some sunshine.
9. NAMIBIA: The Namibian desert sandy dunes were one of the locations for the movie – Mad Max Fury Road. This country also has incredible array of wildlife at its Etosha National Park. If you’re keen on immersing yourself as much as possible into local life, the guesthouses are your best bet. You can also visit the Okahandja craft market for beautiful handmade items.
10. DJIBOUTI: Located in East Africa, Djibouti is a small but incredible country.  Whether you’re a land sport or water sport person, Djibouti has something for you. Visit the idyllic local markets and taste the native cuisine. Take a tour of the nomadic villages and encampments. Visit the oasis, watch the wildlife and listen to stories from the nomads at night. For those who are drawn to water, Djibouti has Lake Assal. This Lake is saltier than the Dead Sea and the second lowest place in the world. Float in the lake without a care in the world. Go scuba diving. Try out snorkelling. However, you should know its best to visit Djibouti from November-February to avoid the heat and humidity. 

We’d love to know the countries on this list that have captured your wanderlust so leave a comment below and share on your socials!

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